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Your art and collectibles are safe with Precious Lists: the smart online application to securely organize and curate photos, receipts and information in one place.
If the worst were to happen, your records are stored safely in the cloud.

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Meet Precious Lists

Your personal catalogue of the things you value

No spreadsheet, no pen & paper, instead a smart list on your phone and in the cloud, where you safely and simply record and organize all your art and valuables.Export for your insurer or allow access to a valuer.

Why use Precious Lists?

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Record the story of the artwork or valuable.
Keep notes rom the artist, reasons you bought it, or what it means to you.Write notes about why a piece is important or nostalgic. Safeguard the essence of your family`s history through the things you have accumulated, and record your inheritance wishes for your estate.

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Keep lists of all your artwork and valuables in collections you decide - artwork, ceramics, furniture, jewellery. Like a Filofax for organizing your precious possessions.Easy to track, update and access in one place. No more spreadsheet, or bottom drawer of paperwork.Print a beautifully formatted page for each item if you prefer a hard copy.You may not use it every day, but when you want it...Precious Lists is right there in your pocket.

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Track the value of your collection of art and valuables.
Record the purchase and current prices.
Even allow a professional valuer secure access to keep you up to date.
Attach purchase receipts and valuation records with each item, so they are always easy to find.

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Identify and export a spreadsheet of the items you specifically insure.
Keeping track and communicating your valuable art collection to an insurer has never been easier.Be prepared should the worst happen.

Using Precious Lists is ...


  • Efficient

    Adding an item takes just seconds with the iOS or Android app.

  • Efficient

    Take pictures using your phone camera.

  • Efficient

    Enrich each item with as much information as you want.

  • Efficient

    Quickly export your lists for an insurer.


  • Safe

    We share your concern about privacy and data security, so we don`t ask for or know your address.

  • Safe

    Your data is encrypted and secured.

  • Safe

    Multi-factor authentication secures access.

  • Safe

    Payment information with a trusted global payment provider.


  • Pleasurable

    Enjoy the experience of creating your personal catalogue.

  • Pleasurable

    Make a beautiful record of your precious artwork.

  • Pleasurable

    Take your art and collections with you, and share your entries with friends over diner or wherever you are.

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A New Way...…a better way, a smart way to track every belonging that is important to you.
You`ve agonised over art purchases, spent time filling your home with treasures. Sentimental, memory-filled, valuable purchases. For the price of a coffee or two you can create a glorious rich record of these.Safely store your legacy, your wishes, your precious lists.

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" Such a joy… easy to use "

“Such a joy to finally find a way to create a comprehensive list of our art pieces which we lovingly call our ‘children’. I’ve thoroughlyenjoyed compiling our collections. It’s so easy to use this app and fashion a rich account of each piece.”

Julia C, New Zealand

"Precious Lists was exactly what I was looking for "

“Precious Lists was exactly what I was looking for after various failed attempts to make a list myself on a spreadsheet that just didn’t do what I needed. Precious Lists is so simple to use, and has helped me catalogue my entire home, as well as, and very importantly, the art that my wife and I have collected over the years that is so precious to us.”

Peter W, New Zealand

" I wanted a single place to keep records… "

“I wanted a single place to keep records of the pictures and sculptures I have collected over the years. I’m not a serious collector, but I did want to be able to write down some information about the piece and keep that together with the purchase receipt. Precious Lists does all that for me.”

Mathew H, Collector, New Zealand

" I wanted to keep our insurer up-to-date… "

“My partner and I wanted to keep our insurer up to date with the most valuable things in our house. We can select those items that we want them to specifically cover us for and export that list and send it to them by email. Its so easy. I’m told that I can even allow a third party into the app to revalue our art online rather than having to visit our house.”

Simon C, New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


What security do we have to protect your data?

We use current best-practice encryption to encode to safely store and protect all the data and credentials you share. We cannot see what you enter and we do not know your address. For a more technical look at the exceptional security measures we have in place, have a read here.


Can we see the address of our users?

We have no record of your address. Details you add to the Stripe payment service is not connected to your Precious Lists account and is never visible to us.


What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

You can export your list as a spreadsheet, with all the data, at any time. When you cancel your subscription your data is safely stored for six months in case you unsubscribed by accident or omission, or for estate management. After six months all data is deleted.


Is Precious Lists just for professional collectors?

Precious Lists is for anyone who owns anything. Whether you are a collector or simply an accumulator of ‘stuff’ this app will help you. If you’ve ever moved home, you’ll know just how many things have accumulated and you’d probably forgotten you had.
Items can be of monetary value and/or sentimental value. Whatever is important to you is worth keeping a record of. You can list just collections of the most valuable items or list everything you own.


Am I tied into a contract or payment plan?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You have full control. There are no contracts or tie-in clauses.


Can my existing spreadsheet be uploaded?

If you have subscribed to the 1-year platinum plan, contact us. We will send you a spreadsheet for you to fill out and return, that we will load up to your account. Free of charge.