Professional with multiple clients

If you are a professional such as a valuer or offering collection curation services, you may have multiple clients who want you to work on their PreciousLists collections. If they have a platinum subscription then they can invite you to their collection by using your email address. This is a great feature, but each email address can only be registered to one account, so if you have your own collection or another customer registered to [email protected] then you cannot ask a new customer to link to the same email address.

A useful trick with Google gmail (and possibly with other providers as well) is that if your customer invites you using the email address [email protected] then you will receive an email at your usual address [email protected] which you can then use to create a new PreciousLists account with the email address [email protected] and a password.

You can use many other email addresses such as [email protected]; [email protected]; or, [email protected] etc